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I have a feeling...

You expect great things for yourself. But you’ve got a few roadblocks.

You want life to feel a little rosier. But your obligations pull you in too many directions to relax.

You want loving relationships with like-minded people who got your back no matter what. But you don’t, really.

You want a career that makes your soul radiate with joy. But you’re not sure if you’re making an epic mistake by changing the one you have.

Chakra Remix is a 60-minute private energy healing session to help you find direction during transitional periods of life.


Chakra Remix

is your solution to finding the answers you seek inside yourself.



"I was able to look at my life from a new perspective and move forward through my healing journey with helpful insight. Cameron is amazing!"

–Camille Avis, San Rafael, CA

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"Cameron is the real deal. My session was healing, relaxing, educational, comfortable and an amazingly important experience. I highly recommend her!”

–Theresa, Chicago, IL


Here’s what you can expect in your

Chakra Remix Session



Grounding is the foundation of your transformation. When your spirit is grounded inside your body and your body is grounded to the Earth, chaos and stress fade away.

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Your aura is an energetic barrier from energy outside of your own. When your aura is full and strong you feel at peace in your life and in harmony with others around you.

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Your seven chakras contain wisdom surrounding your health and happiness. They can become impaired when exposed to a negative environment or hateful self-talk.


Stop Stressin'.

Your solution is waiting. Let’s get started.


The benefits of a Chakra Remix


+  Repair clogged chakras. When you’re feeling stuck or incomplete, there’s a good chance your energy centers, or chakras, are out of whack. A gentle chakra cleanse can wipe out stagnation and help you get back on your game in no time.

+  Edit unhealthy relationship contracts. Would you believe you have an energetic contract with every person you come in contact with? It’s true! Upgrade any unhealthy relationship contracts and take your power back once and for all.

+  Support your mental, physical and spiritual needs. Forget what ya heard, energy work doesn’t end with your session. Learn how to overcome specific challenges or limitations and fill the gaps that are holding you back from success.


Let me ask you a question…

What would it feel like to stop questioning yourself? To move through challenges without pause?



What you receive

√  One 60-minute private energy healing session

√  Text and email support for 48 hours after

√  A recording of your session and...

√  Session notes and homework activities sent to your inbox

What to expect


+  Each session is held face-to-face over Zoom, a video conferencing service (if you don't feel comfortable working "in person," phone is always a great option!).

+  I may assign homework to help you overcome some of your roadblocks outside of our work together.


“Cameron created a shift within me. She unlocked a clearer path towards what I had been seeking.”

–Crystal, San Francisco, CA

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“I gained insight behind the meaning of two relationships I was struggling to let go of. I’m so grateful I had an experience with Cameron!”

–Anne, Olympia, WA

“Cameron has opened my mind to a new way of taking care of myself.”

–Holly, San Francisco, CA


Look no further.

Your solution is here.


A Chakra Remix is perfect for you if:


+  You’re questioning your direction and are looking for support around taking the next step

+  You feel stuck and want help getting un-stuck

+  You’re dealing with some relationship drama and want to clear the air

+  You want to maintain a happy energy body and you’re looking for a chakra cleanse


A chakra remix is not for you if:

-  You’re against spiritual practices or belief systems or are opposed to energy work


+ What is an energy session like?

An energy session is like an hour-long, relaxing meditation.

Physically, you may feel a slight tingling or warm sensation in your body, or nothing at all. You may also experience the urge to laugh or cry. Both are healthy forms of release–both in and out of an energy session.

Mostly, energy sessions are about receiving. I do most of the talking, relaying information, messages or insights I see and feel.

+ How do I prepare for a session?

Please spend about five minutes in a calm space to meditate or quiet your mind before our work together. I recommend finding a quiet place to relax for the duration of your session. Even though you’ll receive a recording of your session, you may want your journal near by to take notes.

PLEASE AVOID driving and loud, chaotic environments. Both are highly distracting and may take away from your experience and my ability to work with you.

+ Are there any side effects?

It depends. Each session is very different and everyone processes energetic shifts differently.

You may walk away feeling light, like a weight was lifted, or you may find that you need more sleep than normal. Some experience a brief period of sadness lasting anywhere from 1-3 days. In this case, allow yourself to mourn and give yourself extra care.

Sadness after a session can indicate that a piece of you, which may have served you for years or lifetimes, is no longer serving a purpose so it dies. This usually happens when a big shift is occurring, allowing you to become more aligned with your authentic self, or spirit.

+ Is there any voodoo, dark magic involved?

No! My sessions are grounded in love and vibrate with gratitude. Further, you are a spirit inhabiting a human body. There is no voodoo, dark magic inside of you, therefore none will come out our work together.

+ How can you read my energy when we’re not in the same location?

Energy is a vibration, or frequency, that I’ve been trained to pick up on. There’s no need to be in the same physical space. It works the same either way.

I currently offer in-person sessions in Chicago. Just check the in-person option at checkout if you’re interested.

+ What is your cancellation policy?

I require 12-hour notice for cancellations. Cancellations within 12-hours hours of your appointment will be charged 50% of the purchase price.

+ What is your rescheduling policy?

You may reschedule your appointment up to 12 hours before the start time. If you need to reschedule within 12 hours of your appointment, please text me at 1-630-605-7211.




Let’s Recap:


+  Your session is custom-designed for your specific needs.

+  A few things we can cover in your session include:  repairing clogged chakras, editing unhealthy relationship contracts plus you'll receive assignments to support your mental, physical and spiritual needs outside of our work together and more!

+  Your session is 60-minutes and will be held via Zoom (a video conferencing service) or over the phone, your choice!

+  You will receive text and email support for 48 hours after plus a recording of your session, session notes and homework activities sent to your inbox.


How badly do you crave direction?


Support your needs.

The solution is here.