7 Books that will change your life

Sometimes it’s easy to forget that, wherever you are in your life and whatever challenges you’re currently facing, you’re not alone. Even better, there’s probably a whole book written on the subject you’re working through.

The following is a list of books that have changed my life. You’ll find that most of them are about creativity:  unlocking it, overcoming resistance around it, and exploring your own version of it.

I’m a strong believer that we’re all here on Earth to express our creativity in some way, shape or form.

If you have a dream or desire, it’s time to get started! People need what you have to offer. If you’re feeling blocked or insecure about sharing your creative ideas with others, or struggle to find time to devote to your dreams, you’re not alone. I’ve been there, too.

These books helped me during some of the most difficult and transformative periods of my life. And if you’re currently going through a rough time, remember to lighten up and not be so hard on yourself. Invite more PLAYFULNESS into your projects. Play makes all the difference.

The Law of Attraction states that if you expect great things for yourself, great things WILL show up. But if you’re looking for more, 

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Did you make the right choice?

Let’s get real for a minute. Take a quick survey of your life in this moment, everything from how satisfied you feel in your career to how connected you feel in your day right now.

Everything in tip-top shape? Or feeling like there’s definitely room for improvement?

The thing is, there will always be room for growth and improvement in life. It’s a simple fact of being human. We’re rarely satisfied and often looking to expand to the next level.

There are ladders to climb in every direction we look and sometimes that feeling of not being where we want to be or not feeling good enough can feel totally debilitating. Overwhelming.

The good news is, there’s a way out. You don’t have to live with a looming feeling of dissatisfaction any longer...that is if you’re willing to do the work.

Because the solution is simple, but it’s not easy.

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Open yourself up to change: 25 Journaling Prompts

To love and respect yourself is to honor your desires without consequence.

You want change, but are afraid to shake things up.

When it comes time to shake things up, you second guess yourself and look for any reason to stay put. Because staying put is easier in the short term. In the moment.

What you want for yourself and how much you respect yourself are two details you need to get clear about.

When you’re not sure what you want for yourself, you’re pushing your needs and desires away from you because it’s easier to tell yourself you don’t know what you want than it is to put yourself ‘out there,’ try something new and explore your passion.

Exploring your passion is difficult because your passion is your heart. It’s the sacred, seemingly fragile part of you that could die or go away forever if just one small thing goes awry. In reality, this fear of failure or judgement is the ego–or the persistent, analytic voice inside that reminds you of all the reasons why your passions are a bad idea, but more likely a life threatening idea. So you worry.

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The Fear of Success is a Lie

I’ve had a dream to be my own boss since I entered the bustling world of the 9-5 work week. My first “real job,” a salaried position in academic marketing, was everything I hoped for in a job–creative freedom, helping others fulfill their dreams, working with a talented mix of people I liked and respected, a regular paycheck and benefits. I was 24 and felt like I was actually doing it–succeeding like a real adults do. It was awesome…

...For about three months.

It didn’t take long until other ideas I’d had for my professional career began to resurface. Dreams of helping others who were trying to succeed just like me, having the freedom to explore different creative avenues, having the ability to set my own work hours and take a vacation without needing to ask permission or hoping I’d accrued enough hours.

My cushy desk job quickly became a daily reminder of how much more I wanted for myself.

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13 activities to get refocused + unblocked at work

Writer’s block. Mental stagnation. Procrastination. Stuuuuuck. The worst feelings on earth if you’re trying to get something done!

Lately I’ve been feeling super stuck without a clue how to move forward. I sit down to be productive and eventually wind myself into a rabbit hole of random procrastination efforts (the last procrastination rabbit hole landed me on a website discussing the decline of Harajuku fashion in Tokyo. Seriously? How do I find this stuff?).

So how do we get refocused and unblocked once and for all?

The most important thing is to avoid beating yourself up about it or allowing yourself to get more stressed. Creativity can be a process and needs space for ideas to form and grow. I do not recommend stepping away completely, but rather spending a small amount of time focused on the project at hand and a large chunk of time pouring your energy into another creative project. Maybe one that doesn’t require specific results or a desired outcome.

What doesn’t require specific results? I’ve got a few ideas. Check them out below:

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How to quickly let go of old drama: 4 easy steps

To put it simply, energy healing is the process and practice of uncovering the REAL you – the woman who knows how to laugh, play, be messy, make mistakes and love with all her heart.

Energy work is about finally releasing those nagging fears and limiting beliefs and learning what ‘owning your power’ really means. 

So much of this work is about shedding old drama that was never effectively dealt with, or processed. Over time, these old emotions can restrict your energy centers and disrupt the steady flow of life. 

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Decide to be happy now:  A Guide

Life is constantly changing. As predictable and streamlined as your day may seem at times, there are always opportunities to improve your situation. No matter what circumstance you find yourself in, your feelings and emotions are a choice.

Often, we choose to feel angry or hurt in events we feel wronged by simply because those emotions operate at a lower frequency and can be easier for our ego mind to connect with.

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Chakra 101: A glimpse inside your energy body

Chakras are centers of energetic power which govern the health of your emotional, physical and psychological wellbeing.

Your external life is a reflection of the strength and balance of your chakras. When all of your chakras are balanced you will feel happy, energized, powerful, free, loved, secure and fulfilled and your body will function better physically, mentally and emotionally.

So, how can you diagnose your chakras today? 

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