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A brief reality check...

spiritual boss lady

As a spiritual boss lady, you know how important it is to stay on your game, presenting an err of being cool, calm and in control of all things related to your life, love and business. You understand the importance of maintaining a healthy mindset and devoting time to your self care. Unfortunately, you have millions of ideals you’re trying to accomplish but you just can’t get yourself to actually finish one.

You’re all about living with passion while creating an inspiring business that makes a positive difference in other’s lives. You’ve got an important message to share and you know you’ve got to take care of your mental, physical and spiritual needs to flourish.

You go to yoga, make kale smoothies for breakfast and have even tried to maintain a meditation practice but somehow something still isn’t right. You can sense something is off and you’re not exactly sure what to do about it.

The simple, creative life you set out to live has proved to be a lot more complicated, confusing and stressful. You need help working through your roadblocks and you’re ready to reap big rewards and see real results.

The Total Alignment Program is six private energy healing sessions over three months. Each 60-minute session is customized to your unique needs to help you create more mindset, scheduling and healthy relationship shifts as you transform and grow through our work together.


Total Alignment Program

is your answer to experiencing powerful personal growth.

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"I came away with a renewed, open perspective and a stronger sense of confidence in trusting my own intuition. Cameron has a great energy about her that is contagious."

–Lisa, Rohnert Park, CA

"I've made more mindset and schedule shifts in the last 2 weeks than I was able to accomplish in the last couple years!"

–Megan Blacksmith,

"I had been working long hours and found it challenging to relax. After working with Cameron I feel totally relaxed and recharged–she is an intuitive genius!"



Just Let Go...

The Total Alignment Program can help you release emotions buried in your energy body causing you to feel blocked and stuck in place.

Here are a few examples of what our work together can look like:

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Grounding is the foundation of your transformation. When your spirit is grounded inside your body and your body is grounded to the Earth, chaos and stress fade away.

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Your aura is an energetic barrier from energy outside of your own. When your aura is full and strong you feel at peace in your life and in harmony with others around you.

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Your seven chakras contain wisdom surrounding your health and happiness. They can become impaired when exposed to a negative environment or hateful self-talk.



You have an energetic contract with every person you come into contact with. Edit or upgrade outdated relationship contracts to support your highest good.



Sometimes your connection to others is so strong it forms an energetic connection, or cord. Release unhealthy cords that may be impacting your wellbeing.



Learn how to breakthrough your blocks and challenges outside of our work together with specific homework activities customized to your individual needs.

Your breakthrough has arrived!

A solution is waiting. Let’s get started.


The benefits of the
Total Alignment Program


+  De-clutter the aspects of your life causing you to feel stuck. The point of your life is not to suffer mercilessly. Give yourself a break (or a hug) and let me hold your hand. The struggle doesn’t have to be as real as it feels.

+  Breakthrough fears that are holding you back. Fears are just mental chatter that’re blocking your way. It takes work to release years of pessimistic thoughts. I know how to cut through the chatter and can help you do it, too.

+  Explore and release repressed emotions. This is the part that you’re probably feeling on an emotional, spiritual or even mental level but aren’t sure what to do about it. That’s where my background and years of experience as an intuitive energy healer come in. No need to fret, I’ve got your back.

+  Release unresolved feelings behind specific relationships. It’s not uncommon to let down your energetic guard to let a nice person in. And then that nice person has access to your energy body and can “borrow” your energy when they need it, like a sneaky vampire. Let’s put an end to that, shall we?


Each session is focused on one goal:  

helping you realize your greatest potential so you can conquer your dreams once and for all.


What to expect with the program


+  Sessions are held every two weeks and last 60 minutes each.

+  Each session is held face-to-face over Zoom, a video conferencing service (if you don't feel comfortable working "in person," phone is always a great option!).

+  I will assign homework each week to help you overcome some of your roadblocks outside of our work together.


What you receive

√  Six 60-minute private energy healing sessions

√  Unlimited text and email support

√  Recordings of each session sent to your inbox

√  Notes from your session and your homework sent to your inbox

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"I felt as though there was a release of bad energy that I always felt but never knew how to explain or vocalize. After working with Cameron I felt light and balanced."

–Kelly, Chicago, IL

“My work with Cameron has been literally life changing.”


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"Cameron helped me step outside my comfort zone and realize my full potential. Her guidance supported me in living a more purposeful, happy life."

–Cara, San Francisco, CA


Stop Suffering.

A solution is waiting. Let’s get started.


 100% satisfaction guaranteed

If, after two sessions, you don’t feel like this work is for you, I’ll refund the remainder of your program balance. No questions asked.


This package is perfect for you if:


+ You’re ready to feel more joyful, in control and satisfied with your life, your relationships and your business

+ You need help getting out of your head so you can finally accomplish the goals you’ve been working through for months or years

+ You’re ready to let go of your limiting belief systems and finally embrace the confident side of you

+ You’re interested in spirituality and energy work

+ You’re willing to get vulnerable

+ You’re willing to do the work

This isn’t perfect for you if:

- You’re not willing or don’t have time to devote a minimum of 2 hours to yourself each week

- You’re against spiritual practices or belief systems or are opposed to energy work

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“Cameron created a shift within me. She unlocked a clearer path towards what I had been seeking.”

— Crystal, San Francisco, CA

“Cameron has opened my mind to a new way of taking care of myself.”

— Holly, San Francisco, CA

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"Cameron–light, joyful, positive, vibrant spirit. Thank you for sharing your gift and guidance with me!"

–Maura, Chicago, IL



+ What is an energy session like?

An energy session is like an hour-long, relaxing meditation.

Physically, you may feel a slight tingling or warm sensation in your body, or nothing at all. You may also experience the urge to laugh or cry. Both are healthy forms of release–both in and out of an energy session.

Mostly, energy sessions are about receiving. I do most of the talking, relaying information, messages or insights I see and feel.

+ How do I prepare for a session?

Please spend about five minutes in a calm space to meditate or quiet your mind before our work together. I recommend finding a quiet place to relax for the duration of your session. Even though you’ll receive a recording of your session, you may want your journal near by to take notes.

PLEASE AVOID driving and loud, chaotic environments. Both are highly distracting and may take away from your experience and my ability to work with you.

+ Are there any side effects?

It depends. Each session is very different and everyone processes energetic shifts differently.

You may walk away feeling light, like a weight was lifted, or you may find that you need more sleep than normal. Some experience a brief period of sadness lasting anywhere from 1-3 days. In this case, allow yourself to mourn and give yourself extra care.

Sadness after a session can indicate that a piece of you, which may have served you for years or lifetimes, is no longer serving a purpose so it dies. This usually happens when a big shift is occurring, allowing you to become more aligned with your authentic self, or spirit.

+ Is there any voodoo, dark magic involved?

No! My sessions are grounded in love and vibrate with gratitude. Further, you are a spirit inhabiting a human body. There is no voodoo, dark magic inside of you, therefore none will come out our work together.

+ How can you read my energy when we’re not in the same location?

Energy is a vibration, or frequency, that I’ve been trained to pick up on. There’s no need to be in the same physical space. It works the same either way.

I currently offer in-person sessions in Chicago. Just check the in-person option at checkout if you’re interested.

+ What is your cancellation policy?

I require 12-hour notice for cancellations. Cancellations within 12-hours hours of your appointment will be charged 50% of the purchase price.

+ What is your rescheduling policy?

You may reschedule your appointment up to 12 hours before the start time. If you need to reschedule within 12 hours of your appointment, please text me at 1-630-605-7211.

+ What if I find that energy healing is not for me?

Not a problem! If, after two sessions, you don’t feel like this work is for you, I’ll refund the remainder of your program balance. No questions asked.

Let's Recap...


+  Sessions are designed to de-clutter the aspects of your life causing you to feel stuck, help you breakthrough fears that are holding you back, explore and release repressed emotions, release unresolved feelings behind specific relationships, and more that has yet to be uncovered.

+  Sessions are held every two weeks and last 60 minutes each.

+  Each session is held face-to-face over Zoom, a video conferencing service (if you don't feel comfortable working "in person," phone is always a great option!).

+  I will assign homework each week to help you overcome some of your roadblocks outside of our work together.

+  You will receive unlimited text and email support, a recording of each session along with notes from your session and homework sent to your inbox.


Ready for zero roadblocks?  


Your solution is here.

Let’s get started.


Prefer monthly payments? No problem!

This option requires a $297 deposit today + 6 monthly payments of $97.