The Every Year Calendar

Is your award-winning answer to the meditation routine you don't have time for.

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"Being a teacher, I'm SUPER BUSY but I really look forward to taking a couple of minutes to jot things down in the book everyday.  

I try to focus on different aspects of my life (fitness, eating healthy, future goals, how everything is going right now, frustrations, positive things, relationships, etc.). I've even used one of the quotes as a writing prompt for my 6th grade English class!"

–Ivy Berg, Eau Claire, WI


What's Inside

The Every Year Calendar will help you create mindset shifts like a guru.


Fill-in-the-blank Dates

Never again will you be restricted by the limiting nature of yearly calendars. Begin walking your path of personal growth and self discovery when the timing is right for you.


Monthly Goal Setting

Use the transformative nature of writing to release your hopes, dreams, fears, and desires. As time progresses, review your  goals and witness what has changed or remained the same within your life.


Daily Intentions

Following the belief that 'thoughts shape reality,' your intentions act like a plan that determines the direction you're headed and the results you'll achieve.


Inspirational Quotes

The pursuit of happiness isn't always smooth sailing. Encouraging thoughts and words of wisdom are sprinkled on every page to evoke a sense of calm  and support your journey.


Reflective Questions

Because variety is the spice of life,  creativity-inducing questions are nestled on every page acting as a catalyst for change in your life.


Original Art

The Every Year Calendar is designed with love by an independent artist.



catherine cottingham

"I received this calendar as a totally unexpected gift, and I was totally blown away by how perfect it is for me. This calendar allows you to set goals, feel inspired, keep track of your daily shtuff, and it asks you thought-provoking and creativity-inducing questions."

–Catherine Cottingham, Austin, TX


Your morning routine will never be the same!

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2016 Living Now Book Award Winner!

The Every Year Calendar is your thoughtful guide to becoming more mindful and organized. Track your personal growth as you see how your monthly goals and daily intentions compare, contrast and change!

  • Dimensions: 9.25" h x .56" w x 7.52" l, 1.35 pounds
  • Binding: Hardcover
  • 230 colorful pages
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Artist Spotlight

Vicky Fallon_Watercolor Artist.jpg

Vicky Fallon
Every Year Calendar Artist

Northamptonshire, UK

“From as young as I can remember (and as cliché as it sounds) I have always loved to draw and design. It’s probably got something to do with coming from a creative family! I studied fashion design at university and it wasn’t until I interned at Alexander McQueen that I really came into my own and found my way. 

When I graduated university, I knew I wanted to work for myself and create my own brand. So that is exactly what I did.. it wasn’t always an easy ride but it has been totally worth it! I have had the opportunity to work with some amazing people and companies. I am now an illustrator, designer, art director and entrepreneur!”

Five Things

1.     Artistic style in one word:  Fresh
2.     Favorite medium:  Watercolor
3.     Go-to song, band, or genre of music:  The Black Keys
4.     Best place to travel:  Osaka, Japan
5.     Personal mantra:  Try not to overthink things, if it feels right just do it!